2021 General Meeting Minutes

As you recall due to Covid-19 restrictions BMC was unable to hold a General Meeting on Tuesday 1st December 2020 in person, and so we went ahead electronically through the median of eMail.

For completeness, following the meeting, please find attached a copy of the Minutes that includes details of 2021 appointments.

When you read through you will see the post of ‘Social Secretary’ remains open. The good news is that on the run up to the meeting in December we did receive and welcome a nominee, although procedurally, given how the meeting was conducted, we were unable to formally appoint anyone to the post.

I am therefore very pleased to announce Mary Bartlett in the role of ‘Social Secretary Coordinator’, a temporary post for 2021 before hopefully we can formalise things for 2022.

Welcome on board Mary.

Keep safe and keep sane, hopefully not too long now.